Hate Mail

As unimaginable as it may be, there are those who find Darklady’s views to be not merely incorrect or flawed — but immoral. Through the miracle of e-mail, Usenet, and various social networking sites, these strongly held opinions and beliefs have been shared with the infamous one, herself. As a service to you, the innocent web-surfer, these cautions are provided for reflection and meditation. Letters may have been edited to get to the good stuff, but the spelling and grammar are true to the originals.

Heed them as you see fit.

You have been warned.

FROM: Patrick Barker

SENT: 08/15/06

She is merely one anger-filled bitch who has no future.

FROM: Tiger Maggot

SENT: 05/07/05

Your pretentiousness may mask your obvious intellectual shortcomings from the flaming liberals you surround yourself with, but anyone who actually has a functioning brain sees the sad, insecure little thing you are. What’s it like having such an inferiority complex your every action is designed as a desperate attempt to convince yourself you aren’t really as pathetic as you know you are? Get off your high horse and come back to the real world where you’re just a self-important blowhard who writes unbelievably trite reviews for a masturbatory webpage devoted to the worst excesses of the left.


SENT: 04/28/05

It is sad when an old broad keeps acting like a seventeen year old. One with a sharp tongue and an insulting tone. One who ought to take a long look in the mirror, before being so venomous against those that do not happen to share her outlook on life. Maybe she can get out of the masturbation business and write articles in the A.A.R.P. monthly magazine — “Sex Beyond Sixty” might be an appropriate title. Or, if she really wants to get racy, she could name her column, “Do It TillYou Drop.” Maybe Geritol would become a regular advertiser… She could even change her “nom de plume” to “DarkOldLady.” Honestly, now, it’s just damned pitiful for an older woman to act like a teenager–time for her to move on to something more appropriate for her mature age. And she ought to tone down her invective–it sounds too close to what I’d expect to hear from those morons on the Jerry Springer Show… She must have an impulse control problem or something. At her age, that’s a real turnoff.

FROM: 1969indsunshine

SENT: 12/18/04

TITLE: Tall Tales of the Darklady

And then there is the fiction of Darklady. One who promotes herself as open-minded, a “bi poly switch,” and the title holder of Ms. Oregon Leather. I have been waiting patiently for the façade to crumble. As for Ms. Oregon Leather, how many were in the competition for this title? Ah, yes. Just you. I must admit it was very brave for a woman of your build to step out of the house in such attire. Kudos to you.


SENT: 11/03/05

Look, you inhabit a world of debauchery, and what is considered abnormal and unnatural to most of mankind is perfectly all right for you. Your life, and your livelihood, revolve around sex. Only problem with that is that any animal can do it, virtually every human being on the planet has done it. You ain’t doin’ nuthin’ new under the sun. Serious people don’t earn their claim to fame from screwing. Admittedly they may get their 15 minutes of fame, but they pass from the scene quickly (as soon as the next scandal breaks). As you will be, once your aged body makes its debut in “Hustler,” just like all those other old hags who peeled for the camera. Prepare for your fifteen-minutes-of-fame, followed by a very rapid burnout. Maybe you an Paula Jones could develop an act and take it on the road. It sure would beat boxing Tonya in primetime… Reminds me of what someone once said about the “actresses” that win AVN awards. “So she sucks a dick. Big fukkin’ deal! And then they give her an ‘award’ to make her feel good about it.”

FROM: Patrick Barker

SENT: 05/23/05

Just remember, it is your type (women) who sell their bodies to men.

FROM: Patrick Barker
SENT: 09/21/04
1 Cor 6:18-20
This describes you to a “T.”
Matt 15:19
Another list of dl’s shortcomings….

FROM: Tom Harris (new account)
SENT: 08/17/04
TITLE: meeting
hello my little fat one(or should i say BIG fat one;i just saw a recent photo of you!)hey guess what theresa? thats right! i be coming up to see you soon! hope you can make time for me to dicuss yer politics and shit…you still at the same #? if not,i’ll jess check yer calander and see where you be at…later ms.reed

SENT: 06/14/04
One thing is sure, mainstream people certainly will not be looking to the likes of her for their morality and behavior cues. She presides over a world of sleaze. Not all of us wish to descend into that gutter. She may have the “legal” right to live in that world, but she will never exercise any influence over anyone but the sleazebags that also inhabit that world. Let her go ahead and put that on her silly website. Who but the pervs would even read such trash?

SENT: 06/14/04
You are really a pathetic waste of a good mind. If you could only be an advocate for something positive, rather than staying in the cesspool. You are free to live the life you want. The rest of us are free to condemn you if you try to ram it down our throats. Your little clique apparently stands in awe of you.

FROM: Tom Harris (new account)
SENT: 03/01/04
TITLE: homecoming
hello my little fat one….daddys coming home soon…he misses you so mucho…yes…we shall be togther again at last..and forever is a such a long…time…dont you agree Theresa?

“Suffer the little children to come unto me,and forbid them not. FOR SUCH IS THE KINGDOM OF GOD…..” MAT:19:13

FROM: Tom Harris (also goes by Thomas Fallows)
SENT: 01/14/04
TITLE: me & you
I havnt forgotten you little fat girl..I never will til we be together…alone

FROM: Fangyuan Nan
SENT: 12/25/03
TITLE: Do not sin
Stop sinning! Pornorgraphic is sin! Sin leads to death— Bible! Repent to God and Be Holy! or practice Falun Dafa, read Zhuan Falun

FROM: Tom Harris
SENT: 11/26/03
(forwarded to me by a home schooling list member who was asked for personal information about me)

the big threat I gave Theresa(darklady) was a”verbal lashing”…big f’n deal. did you know she has no kids? all she does is go to local discussion groups to get votes!!did you go to her web-site yet?well check it out!!!! I did my tour of duty in theUSN to protect the free speech rights of even whore web-site mistress’s..so now another veteran(you) is telling me its not ok to voice ones opinion if its not politically correct? you belong with all the pussies at orsig then. tom

FROM: Tom Harris
SENT: 11/18/03
TITLE: closer
hey ms.reed…how come you no talka to me no mo…I jus wanna be yer frennnnn..oh yeaaaaah

FROM: Tom Harris
SENT: 11/18/03
TITLE: destiny
I am real busy right now buuuuut….you will be my #1 priority when I return from the south.I will be monitoring your web-site in the meantime so I”ll know exactly where to find you.Theresa…you really fucked up this time! See you in Oregon or CA., wherever you go I be there

FROM: Tom Harris
SENT: 11/15/03
cc: Abuse@msn.com

did you happen to notice that said complainent is the host of a porn web-site (darklady.com)? I cant believe you would take sides against a longtime,Prompt paying customer without checking the facts first..unless you feel I should look elsewhere for a provider with a policy that stands behind its customers instead of pornographers.

—– Original Message —–
From: Abuse@msn.com
To: (account)msn.com
Sent: 11/14/03
Subject: CST137465732ID – Member ID Violation Notice

Dear Thomas,

The member ID (account)@msn.com which is associated to your MSN account, has been reported in connection with the transmission of unsolicited email via The Microsoft Network. The transmission of unsolicited email is prohibited and is in violation of the MSN Subscription Agreement.

We ask your cooperation in reviewing the “MSN Subscription Agreement,” which is available online at http://support.msn.com/solutionarticle.aspx?cp=true&pk=msncom&pp=both\msncom&aid=4780

Please ensure this activity does not reoccur from your MSN account. Any future violations of these documents may result in the termination of your MSN subscriber account, and any “Associated Accounts”, without notice.

Your help in making The Microsoft Network an enjoyable place for all members is greatly appreciated.

MSN Policy Enforcement Department

FROM: Tom Harris
SENT: 11/14/03
I think maybeI’m gonna whack you bitch,I dont appeciate your complaint to Yahoo you fuckin whacko cunt!I’m trackin your ass down as we speak and when we meet I will give a verbal lashing you will never forget!huh

FROM: Tom Harris (new account)
SENT: 11/14/03
hello theresa…do you live in Lents area….I’d like to visit you …soon

FROM: Tom Harris
SENT: 11/10/03
well.geee….give me a title so I can go out and purchase one of your great publications! wow..I hope Yahoo dont come down too hard on me for…ummmm…what the devil is it again that I did to this Jezabel?? oh yeah..I remember..I criticized her evil ways…of course!

FROM: Tom Harris
SENT: 11/10/03
got any of your drivel published yet?

FROM: Tom Harris
SENT: 11/10/03
the Lord is my master and I try to rule no-one…this is what most women find difficult to understand…you are NOT the master of your own soul. you may waste your time and correct any spelling or typos you find but you are simply masking your own failure in life to accept the Lord as your master and saviour.

FROM: Tom Harris
SENT: 11/08/03
why do you think God has all these rules&guidelines available to you in the 66 books of the Bible? women never think of long term effects which is why men have to rule them…

FROM: bob
SENT: 08/31/03 & 09/18/03
If there is perversion – i’m positive its from darklady :). In fact ANY 🙂 perversion you could possibly want is prolly about 3 dollars a minute :). Just go to her websites and ask ! Don’t be shy ! i’m sure she prolly would mail you any type of ‘wet stuff’ you could possibly desire :):):) – for a little extra on the shipping !!! you are deeply into some pretty disgusting perversity/sexual degradation – if there is any really ICKY stuff to be admired or defended – you would be it’s defender/admirer/profiteer 🙂 :):) darklady thinks it’s perfectly ok to have sex in large groups – in public – in weirded out ways – and it’s NOT a CRIME. darklady’s site is an attempt to make money off the sexual gollumization and weirding out 🙂 of people. Yes it is a lifestyle of ‘degradation’ – unfortunately And one that may bring in a little money and may give her a sense of comradarie in a world that probably passed her by . Sexual degradation will get you attention – but the cost is terrible. 🙂

you are one very bitter / confused / angry person who would NEVER compliment anything remotely related to Christianity :):):) cause you so doggone gonzo overboard in pornography and rebellion towards God. :)I point out all the time that atheists/homosexuals et.al. [ pornographers in your case :)] are not far from or DO engage in bestiality :). Now – that is sick ! If you listened to the Lord you would of course cease and desist from such acts – and you personally would not be attempting to make money from human degradation 🙂 your masturbate-a-thon web site ain’t nearly as funny as my post 🙂 🙂 🙂 I know that your ‘society of sex liberation’ cannot possibly really look down on ‘bestiality’ which is biblically linked with homosexuality 🙂 i – unlike you- am not ‘sexually corrupted’ by darkness and don’t need to run around like some sexual ‘gollum’ weirding myself and others out :):):) – [did i mention your ‘profit angle’ :):):)] – loneliness/self-rejection/disappointment in ones appearance et.al are not valid reasons to leave the natural and good and participate in darkness 🙂 .

I suggest instead of trafficking in degradation in order to make yourself a little money + prolly supply your diminishing joy in perversions – you leave it and you begin to think about those ‘good things’ that the Lord has supplied to those who desire health/joy in all matters relating to human sexuality. The Lord will ALWAYS welcome those who turn to Him :). I don’t want to be over-condemnatory of you – But – isn’t it time you left the darkness – dark lady ?

FROM: Raymond
SENT: 09/18/03
What I do see is one poor spirit that has few friends and wants to make life on earth like the Hell you seem to live in. Are you just a colored person, Black or do you really think you dark like mud or dirt? Just wondering. Then maybe your not a lady at all sir?

FROM: Patrick Barker
SENT: 03/12/03
Your actions, thoughts, words, deeds are worthless to humanity.

FROM: John Turney
SENT: 03/07/03

You got your butt kicked by Laura Ingraham. Your arguments will full of lies and deceptions and Ms. Ingraham exposed them fully.

(Confusing me with the Quaker peace activists who also appeared on Ingraham’s show — DL) Furthermore, as a Quaker, you should be appalled at anyone protesting NUDE. Christ, our King and Savior, was a moral teacher who would condemn public nudity. He would also condemn hypocrisy. You cannot violate his teachings on hand and claim any moral ground on another.

You should immerse yourself in the Scriptures rather than promote wicked behavior if you wish to claim a high moral standing.

Repent and learn of Christ’s true ways, all of his ways, not the ones that suit your political cause.

FROM: Ainlow1
SENT: 03/03/03 & 03/04/03

I’ve really enjoyed writing to someone that hasn’t a clue to what the big picture is but rather an unproductive and destructive format of trying to stir others. I can see why you didn’t win your election. Maybe if you were to look at what’s good for the country instead of your own self serving twisted thinking, you’d be better off. Maybe not though! I guess there will always be those that see only the worst in things, even if it isn’t. What’s next? If we don’t go to war… I guess you can always stir things up in just about any topic you want. You are very good with words but somehow I don’t think you’ll even matter with the majority of the people… thank God! You’ll always find those lost souls that need someone to follow no matter what. I remember that little town over in Eastern Oregon called Antelope. And where are they now? You impress very few people and those that you have follow you are very lost indeed.

FROM: OldGuyTeck
SENT: 02/21/03

… it’s more like people like you that won’t or don’t know how to hold a pencile or pen between your legs that exasperate the horrible situation… In other words there are too many baby factories [women] that just want their sexual moores and lusts to be fullfilled … Never thinking about the live they would soon destroy….. I mentioned you only because of what I have learnt about you in all those mixed up sexual orgies.. You don’t think theres a possibility of becomming [pregnant] a mother. , that you have claimed not to want to be…?

Darklady gives BSnM lessons…. Group theraphy I guess she thinks it is… She sins gravely…. But of course takes the easy road out claiming not to believe in sin etc… Yep she claims as long a ya both [or all the group] agrees it’s ok… Then it’s ok with her…. Wonder now if Darklady checks the IDs of all her partners..Hey one or two could be 17 or 18 year old studs,,, If ya get me drift by now….. A – LOT

FROM: Sister Sunshine Tucker, Jesus’ Little Sunbeam
SENT: 10/09/02
Mouth sex was dreamed up by the devil in the Garden of Eden. He tempted Adam and Eve to do it. You didn’t think the forbidden fruit was just an apple, did you? During the last thirty years or so the devil has signed a pact with gay people in which they agree to make sexual perversions popular. They do it mostly through pornography, which is mostly made by a bunch of gays and lesbians anyway. “Deep Throat” get people into mouth sex, even though it completely ignores the feelings women. Women don’t get any real pleasure from taking a man’s hard weenie down their throats. Then came “Devil in Miss Jones,” which was all about Satanism and double penetration. There was public group sex in “Behind the Green Door.” There was butt sex in “Beyond the Greek Door” too. Now most dirty movies feature really rough butt sex between men and women.

Weird sex puts walls between people and makes them sex objects. The whole world is in trouble because of the gay people. You are sick! God will punish you for abusing your sex organs! Mouth sex will become a capital crime in our theocracy. People caught doing it will have their mouths sewn shut and/or their sexual parts made useless through crushing. Mother Holiness will put a stop to perversion. Masturbation will also become illegal.

You need to go to a Bible-believing church where they do faith healings, confess openly, ask for guidance, and then follow it. He’s (God) biding His time. You’ll get yours eventually. You won’t do any laughing in hell.

All political parties are inherently evil. When Mother Holiness takes over the country they’ll all be outlawed.

(Regarding my bisexuality — DL) That’s the same as a lesbian. Do you sleep with both men and women? Aren’t you confused about what you really want? … if you’re bisexual and smoke pot they obviously didn’t raise you right. Did they smoke pot too? How do they feel about how you’ve turned out? Is it true that bisexuals will pretty much just sleep with anybody? The Bible says that evil people have abandoned their true heritage and become the children of Satan. Jesus lifts you up out of the gutter of sin and depravity and makes your whole life special. He doesn’t just give you momentary thrills. You’re going to be smoked too in the hot fires of hell if you’re not real careful with that lip of yours.

God will punish you! Love always.

FROM: Alan Craft
SENT: 09/25/02
You’re a snitty, deceitful, and spiteful aging old wench, Theresa.

FROM: bob
SENT: 07/06/02
I visited your web site – if anyone on this planet can read your ideas or poems about the sexual degradation you swim in – and – thinks after reading same – that your page illustrates your statement “…thus I choose to live my life by the high standards that I hold personally” – then ..then .. then.. what can i possibly say :). You seem to be saying you have extremely twisted unnatural sexual appetites. I could be wrong – i didnt spend more than a couple minutes on your page ‘researching’ you 🙂 . How you ever twisted yourself to categorize that as natural is biblically termed ..turning oneself to idolatry [ a special case of same which i do not have time to explain ] and then being turned over to darkness.

p.s. dont misunderstand me .. i do not hate you 🙂 … i hate no one i shall happily go to my Savior with the certain knowledge that i wished harm to no man ever in my time upon this earth 🙂 … i could be tortured for 50 years by anyone on this earth and i would still never wish them to be lost. That is because … of what i speak i know 🙂 .. and i know what awaits those who chose to reject Him and because of that i wish that for no one. That does not mean that i do not tell you , you are lost, confused and in danger of a type and form of eternal rejection that is very very far beyond your capability to even imagine. I hope you come to the ‘light’ and leave the fascination that darkness has found in you. Bob

FROM: Jeremy Bridges
SENT: 06/16/02
It never ceases to amaze just how self obsessed and parochial some American writers can be. So you wish to save / serve / nuture the planet. Excellent. Start by acknowledging the role your nation plays in raping the planet of its finite resources, and by extension polluting its environment more than the rest of us put together.

(snip rants about UNICEF, Save the Children & the hardship of impoverished children and families in Niger)

You are an intelligent and reasonably gifted person. You purport to be a writer. At the moment you are nothing of the kind. If you wish to join that very special community then you are going to have to sweat a little in fact a very great deal. What you are currently producing is bluntly nothing but self indulgent nonsense. You are capable of producing work of quality and value. Please begin. Should you consent to do so then you will join hands accross the planet with men and women who regardless of the language that they speak constitute a very special community. Many have suffered persecution and death for the truths that they have written. Many more suffer exile and ridicule….JOIN THEM….you have much to say.

Love and Peace and Blessed Be. Jeremy Bridges.

FROM: Chris Bunch
SENT: 05/30/02

Please don’t send me any more invitations to anything. And, by the way, I find it utterly appalling to get a reminder about Masturbation Month. Jesus Christ, can’t you live your own life quietly?

FROM: Poly S
SENT: 03/05/02
Her writings are hardly fresh, different, creative or offer a unique perspective on life and sex. There are dozens, if not hundreds of sex writers that fill magazines with their insights in a much more wordly fashion.

FROM: Paul.sefton1
SENT: 02/14/02
All I can say is your probably a Satanist madam and I think that you are a very sad individual that needs to find hope and peace in our good Lord Jesus Christ

Unfortunately, I find it extremely saddening that you have ‘lost your way’, and should you ever need anyone to talk to, I’m sure you will find some solace in God! He never turns His back on anyone, despite how evil they seem to be! God Bless you!!!!


FROM: dwp353
DATE: 0325/01
…sister, you straddle the fence, might I suggest you choose a side. I for one have the courage of my convictions in saying I got saved through grace, through faith, and this not of myself, it was the Gift of God, not by works lest any man boast. ron dietz

FROM: BillK222
DATE: 09/ 09/00

should you change your name to fatlady however…. i mean porn with a whale???? good tease for the money though. you are just fat…

FROM: Apostolic Advocate
DATE: 03/28/00
I was curious to why you named yourself ‘Dark’ [lady] so I checked it out Dictionary. *DARK …….[Lady] With little or no Light. Gloomy, Dismal. Evil, Sinister. Sullen, Angry. Ignorant, Unenlightened. Absence of light. Lack of knowledge.

FROM: Oldguyteck
DATE: 03/23/00
I have been doing some research on you DL and have come to the conclusion your main reason for being here is to PROFIT and push your profession…………… POLLY wanna cracker ? See I wasn’t incorrect in my assessment of you…… You have recently gotten married, yet you still promote all sorts of abominations as can be seen by checking out your web page and its connecting dots NO Your not a dot on a die……… Your the complete spotting of evil promos…….. Ed……………………….(Oldguyteck)

FROM: nadie
DATE: 07/30/99
Obviusly DarkLady is well named you are dark, evil, unfeeling, and a bitch seeking a victim to destroy. Thank God noone is married to a pile of shit like you!

Enjoy your day, messenger of pain and abuse.

FROM: Oldguyteck
DATE: 04/16/99
Free speech in and of itself is a wonderful thing. When not abused. Yet is is people like youself that use that same thing to attain your dastardly deeds. Ed…………..(Oldguyteck)

FROM: revjacktom
DATE: 02/06/99
Evil child. Satan’s child. Child of the flesh. Queen of the lower appetites. Abuser of the dignity of womanhood. Child who has dishonored her mother and father. Cover your face in shame. The Reverend Thomas Jackson

FROM: jrosgood
DATE: 01/23/99
I took a look at Darklady’s web site. Following that I said three hail marries.

FROM John Miskell
DATE: 11/11/98
She’s a Satanist and Satanists hate the Catholic Chuch and Catholic people. Of course she’ll deny being a Satanist (many of them do) but her denial is weak. People affiliate themselves with likeminded people and as the saying goes, “one is known by the company he keeps.” Check out her website. She’s none too swift but I’d imagine there’s several more like her on this newsgroup who are careful to hide their beliefs and true agenda. God Bless, John “Helping the Church militant be militant”

FROM: John Miskell
DATE: 08/25/98

Although one would presume that DarkLADY would be a woman, she communicates in a very masculine fashion. I suspect s/he might have a gender identification problem and at least figured, perhaps incorrectly that DL prefers to be identified as a male. My apologies if I’m wrong, but DL should have taken a moment to clear that up if it’s an issue.

FROM: Firstone
DATE: 04/25/98
For God’s sake, please get a new agenda. Your website serves to perpetuate the insipid and banal on the Internet. While Bill Gates is telling America that the Web’s biggest problem stems from an alarming lack of content, you (and many others) consistently fail to heed his warnings. First of all, you have way too much (tiny) text on the site. Who the hell wants to read all that blue-green drivel? Also, you seem to have forgotten that the travelers of the Web have a penchant for multimedia. Add some captivating visual effects. Otherwise you might as well be designing an all-text newsletter… I speak for all men in this last suggestion. When we visit a site called the Darklady, we like to see pictures of the one who calls herself the Darklady. It’s a simple fact of male psychology. Throw a photo on there! It doesn’t even have to be you (especially if you’re a pig or slob). The photo simply serves to fill a void that plagues most men that visit such female run sites. Most importantly: if you truly are going to be a guest on Howard Stern Wednesday then beware! Stern detests websites that read like newsletters. He’ll tear you a new asshole (figuratively, of course) for publishing such information of tragically limited appeal. Worse yet, he’ll evince the true nature of your physical appearance. How tall are you and how much do you weigh? Are ya’ good looking? You ain’t a pig are ya’? So on, and on, and on. And from that creative attempt, partial-visage jpeg/gif floating there on your site, I’d guess that you are a (bit) of a pig. In any case, good luck. I wish you safe passage on your journey to find the elusive Land of Interesting Content. -From Firstone with Love

FROM: mauritius3isle
DATE: 06/03/98
I may be most interested in knowing the details of your possible possession. I already know of the effects yet not the causes save your picture, possibly, and the tragedies you have sustained as described therein. I myself am no stranger to tragedy yet I am to the creatures who exult within.

FROM: Richard Breazeale
DATE: 03/07/97
I see from your post that you are a pretty busy woman Darklady. Perhaps this business covers the thing inside of you which grows like a cancerous tumor in darkness. Moist, throbbing, so very dark, painful if aloud to come to surface. Covering it up works best for now, doesnt it? Hate, anger, wildness, constantly having to do something, be with someone, do anything to keep from looking into self, and who we are. Afriad of the darkness within if the truth be known. But we cant allow that can we? If someone knew, I wouldnt be who they thought I was, I couldnt stand in what I have allowed myself to be labled. I would have to be real! And if real…Dread the thought! It would just hurt to much! Tears come hard when you wear a face of darkness and live the life of others. But when they come they must be covered up! Cant allow myself to lose control here! But, what if….?

FROM: Padraic42m
DATE: 05/13/97
But I hope that our Lord won’t be too hard when He gives you a cross to bring you home. I’m afraid your “Dark night of the Soul” will be devistating. Pax Christi, pat

FROM: suescof
DATE: 05/31/97
Since you call yourself darklady, and since you express the dark side of our culture in your posts, I think of you as living in darkness. Perhaps, it doesn’t seem dark to you. Nevertheless, darkness is the image you have projected to me. I will pray for you that you may become one of the children of light. You needn’t be offended. We all are in need of more light than we possess, and we cut ourselves off from that light be refusing to love. God bless you and keep you in His tender care always. He loves you so much and in such a personal way. I do hope you discover Him soon. Sue


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