Movie Review: “Excite Mistress Emily”

Excite Mistress Emily
Lakeview Entertainment/Pure Play
D: Uncredited
Mistress Emily, Other. 75 Min.
AAA 1/2
Extras: Still Gallery
Watch Online

As is so often the case with dominant women, Mistress Emily is unhappy with her chubby male slave. It’s not all bad news, though. He’s been misbehaving, which she hates, but she gets to punish him, which she loves.

Production values are serviceable and Emily is attractive, but the real value here is in the chemistry between the performers, who have the feel of people who have played together before.

Emily leaves marks and has a preference for stingy, rather than thuddy, which means that slave boy endures a wide assortment of painful humiliations. Electrified CBT, a rubber slapper, a leather strap, a wooden paddle, weighted nipple clamps, a strap-on up the butt, and a few good kicks to the tender vittles only begin his delicious torments.

Good recommendation for those seeking authentic fem-dom sadism endured by a stoically dedicated male masochist.

— Originally published in AVN magazine —

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