Spend an Evening with Darklady – Talking About Toys

Spend an Evening with Darklady – Talking About Toys

Darklady’s going to talk dirty about sex toys and give away better freebies than Santa!

PORTLAND, OR – Spend a warm spring Evening with Darklady – Talking About Toys on Thursday, May 16, 2013 at the newly owned and managed Shady Lady Tavern in Portland, OR, beginning at 8:00 pm PT.

Billed by the tavern as “a well presented and eloquent speech on sexuality with a focused introduction to toys,” the goal of the evening is relaxation, laughter, and a better working knowledge of what’s available in the magical land of pleasure devices.

“What could be more natural than me talking about sex at a tavern called The Shady Lady,” asks Darklady. “I’ve talked about sex toys in front of a national MENSA audience, so I’m hoping that a room full of people sampling 4 Spirits Distillery whiskey will be even more fun.”

In addition to basic information about the difference between a dildo and a vibrator, Darklady intends to show off examples of both in a number of permutations and a wide range of materials.

“I’m not leaving the boys out, either,” Darklady assures. “I’m going to have give-away samples from Big Teaze Toys for them, as well as the ladies. I know from experience that those will help relax a room better than a stiff drink, but don’t tell the bartender.”

The Shady Lady Tavern is located at 4579 NE Cully Blvd, Portland, OR.

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