Toy Review: Vanity Vr2 Dual Motor Vibrating Massager

Vanity Vr2
Price: Approximately $145

Jopen’s entire Vanity line is a testimony to the progress that’s been made in sensual pleasure device technology. That’s an odd statement to make, but it’s also a true one.

The Vr2 is a deceptively simple looking, if artful, dual vibrator that packs far more power than one might imagine. Best of all, controlling that power doesn’t require memorizing a series of complex button combinations or configurations, which means that personal energy can be focused on the task at hand (so to speak) and not on worrying that a moment of passion will result in a sensation-killing finger slip.

Instead of a big, rattling battery pack with awkward and counter-intuitively operated inset buttons, the Vr2 has two easy-to-use raised buttons; each controlling its own vibrator, one at the tip and one at the base. A single click to either button turns on or off the associated vibrator, while holding that button down increases the speed and intensity.

Since the Vr2 will most likely be used in at least some situations with minimal light, the buttons illuminate with a soft LED glow when activated. Likewise, when the Vr2’s lithium ion battery is charged, the target shaped area where the recharger plugs in glows until the unit is ready for use. Average charge time is about four hours, which means it can be tested shortly after purchase.

Once the Vr2 is charged and ready for use, its many sensual aspects can be fully appreciated. Its 6.75-inches in length and 3.75-inch maximum girth are modest and will not impress those who seek a feeling of fullness, but those yearning for a fabulous G-spot or clitoral experience will be more than satisfied.

The Silicone texture of the Vr2 is silky smooth and the shape designed to conform to a woman’s contours, making it especially convenient for solo use. The remarkably quiet dual motors make it perfect for use where discretion is preferred or required and its one year warranty can be extended to an impressively optimistic decade.

Like many handheld erotic devices for women, the Vr2 is a lovely shade of purple and its Silicone construction is not only unscented and gentle on sensitive tissues but also retains body heat for an additionally luxurious experience. Since many women apparently enjoy using their toys in the shower, bath, hot tub, swimming pool, or other body of water, the Vr2 is waterproof.

Travelers will be delighted with the Vr2’s petite and easy to pack size, as well as the fact it comes with a black drawstring carrying bag, which also helps keep lint to a minimum. A welcome addition is the simple-to-use double button hold-down security lock that keeps the toy from turning on at an inopportune time.

Like, while passing through TSA checkpoints.

The Vr2, its recharger, and drawstring bag come attractively packaged in a completely recyclable and tasteful box that can easily continue to be used for storage.

BTW — Although the graphic at the top of the review provides an excellent view of the Vr2, it is not labeled correctly when it comes to the charging port, which is not located at the bottom of the device, but in the center.

This is a highly recommended toy and definitely a Darklady Favorite.

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