Toy Review: Silly Rabbit

Silly Rabbit
California Exotic Novelties
Price: Approximately $60 – $100
Darklady Favorite!

One of the frustrating things about being an adult is not being able to schedule time for sex as easily as during one’s wilder years, whether it’s with or without another person. Ironically, the life of an adult who writes about sex for a living encounters the same frustration, with a dollop of professional guilt for seasoning.

Or maybe it’s just me.

I had literally slept next to the California Exotic Silly Rabbit for more than a month without a chance to do more than puzzle out its battery compartment and feel like a complete idiot when I finally figured out how to turn it off. (You hold the power button down for four seconds… just like it says on the packaging that I didn’t read carefully.)

But there came a time when the umpteen zillion AVN Award nominated porn DVDs that had hijacked my life had been judged accordingly. At long last, I was able to officially introduce myself to the Silly Rabbit.

The introduction went very well.

I’m not a size queen, but every now and then it’s nice to push my boundaries (if you will) and see what pleasures can be found there. The Silly Rabbit’s dimensions are nothing to laugh at, measuring an impressive 10 ¼-inches long from gently sloping G-spot tip to kinda frustrating to open battery case / control panel bottom. Only 5-inches of that actually slips out of view, but those 5-inches are an attention-getting 4 ¾-inches in circumference.

This is not a plausibly deniable toy, nor is it one that can be easily concealed in a purse.

What it is, however, is a powerful piece of sexual machinery.

With powerful vibrations available both at the top of the silicone shaft and in the wildly twitching Silly Rabbit ears clit tickler, there is good stimulation coverage. Add seven vibration, pulsation, and escalation options, three reversible shaft rotation speeds, and three rows of what the packaging assures are “non-jamming pleasure beads,” and there are worlds of possibilities to explore, especially since the rabbit and the shaft can be operated independently of one another.

As with any toy of this kind, the G-spot curve may not be perfect for every woman’s body, but finding the right depth and angle should be possible with experimentation. Likewise, the best positioning of the ears to the clitoral area craving stimulation. Remember, although the discovery of the clitoris has been a fabulous benefit to humanity, the area surrounding it can also be receptive to touch. The Silly Rabbit has the size and movement available to make a fair amount of flesh happy to be alive.

The Silly Rabbit, in spite of its whimsical name, takes its work very seriously. It possesses dual vibration; within the shaft and the wildly twitching bunny ears. It is neither the noisiest nor the quietest vibrator I’ve encountered, but given the power that it packs, I think it’s the soul of auditory discretion. The caveat with this kind of intensity is that extended use can lead to tired arms and numb hands, in which case alternating with another toy or form of stimulation is advised.

Naturally, the all-woman product development team recommended that the entire Silly collection be created in a gentle purple, because chicks dig purple (it’s a fact!). An easy-to-use push button control panel with illuminated LED lights shaped like little hearts makes it a simple matter for a helping hand to tease and tantalize those hard-to- reach places, even in minimal light.

Depending on where one makes a purchase, the Silly Rabbit can be a serious financial investment. Fortunately, those who enjoy a fuller feeling and strong stimulation will likely find this to be a sturdy and effective toy worth the money.

-– Exclusive review for, by Darklady -–

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