Toy Review: Chic Hide-a-Vibe

Chic Hide-a-Vibe
California Exotic Novelties
Price: Approximately $25 – $30

There are a lot of fancy, expensive, and complex toys on the market, but sometimes a girl just wants a simple, affordable luxury that buzzes and makes her smile.

The California Exotic Chic Hide-a-Vibe more than qualifies.

Classic in so many ways, the Chic Hide-a-Vibe’s styling combines portability, ease-of-use, and plausible deniability all in a familiar vibrator shape – complete with iconic motor rattle. Fortunately, once it’s muffled, it produces a reassuringly pleasantly hum that shouldn’t distract too much from the moment.

At a petite 4.5-inches x 1-inch, the Chic Hide-a-Vibe fits neatly into a pocket, a purse, a backpack, a fanny pack and, of course, a vagina. Because it has no flange and vibrators can overheat rectal tissues, it is not recommended for anal play – although there’s nothing wrong with teasing the petals of the rose. It’s also not much of a G-spotter since it has no angle, but its single AA battery packs enough power to keep labia, clitoris, and clitoral hood shudderingly stress-free.

Made of ABS with PU Cote, the stylishly modest massager is available in both black and white, each decorated with silver plating on its easy-to-use intensity control.

What sets the Chic Hide-a-Vibe apart from similar massagers is its matching discretion case. Standing an inch taller than the vibe is long; the glossy case can easily be mistaken for a perfume bottle with its cap on. This should not only make the massager easier to store but also protect against accidental discovery during awkward travel or domestic inquiries.

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