Toy Review: My Mini-Miracle Massager Pleasure Kit

My Mini-Miracle Massager Pleasure Kit
California Exotic Novelties
Price: Approximately $40 – $50
Darklady Favorite!

Those familiar with the original Mini-Miracle Massager will immediately identify this as a variant on that basic theme, with a couple of important differences.

Like the white and purple original, the translucent pink Pleasure Kit model has a removable 120 Volt AC charger – which I entirely forgot does not mean the two-speed vibrator can be used without the cord. It took me 24-hours to remember that it is not rechargeable just because the power cord can be unplugged from the handset.

Because of the convenient size and the fact it actually works great as a neck and shoulder massager, the Pleasure Kit is as travel-friendly and plausibly deniable as its inspiration. As is also the case with the original design, the Pleasure Kit is not advisably used when discretion is necessary. In other words; it’s loud – but it doesn’t rattle or make otherwise distracting noises. It’s a steady hum, but it’s a hum that can probably be heard on the other side of the door… in case that’s an issue.

The Pleasure Kit is sold in a clear, soft plastic box with a contoured storage tray. The box may or may not survive long, but the tray can be handy for keeping drawers and floors tidy.

A couple of paragraphs earlier, I observed that the Pleasure Kit has plausible deniability. I need to revisit that with a caveat: one of the two attachments that come with the massager would require some nimble thinking to explain away to someone who doesn’t really need to know what it is.

The short, rounded probe tip emerging from the side is self-explanatory, since it works well on a wide variety of muscle groups… but the pliable tongue? Yeah, that’s a little harder to explain away, but it sure is nice to use.

While the angled, spring-mounted head is Phthalate-free and the attachments are made from Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE), the accompanying Instruction Booklet advises that “common sense” be employed during use – which it recommends last no longer than five – 20 minutes, which seems like a rather vague time span.

My favorite caution, however, reads “Do not fall asleep while using this product.”

Good advice, all – and a good electrical vibrator. Definitely a Darklady recommendation.

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