Toy Review: Divine “Temptation” Rotating Massager

Divine Temptation Rotating Massager
California Exotic Novelties
Price: Approximately $40

Cal Exotic continues to release innovative and aesthetically pleasing toy lines with an air of sophisticated and romance. The Divine series is an example, featuring bold but elegant color combinations and designs, sleek contours, and impressive ease of activation.

Divine’s “Temptation” massager is a petite thing of beauty with a unique twist – or turn, to be more exact. Its promised “rotation plus vibration” feature doesn’t behave like the average wand-style massager but, instead, rotates like a top, with the majority of vibration in the handle.

A simple click to the button at the base of the handle causes the “plushy,” rotating TPR tip to spin one way, with another click causing it to change directions. A third click turns off the wand’s vibration and rotation.

Packaging for the “Temptation” is a pleasure to the eyes and includes a magnet-secured door that, when opened, allows the toy inside to be seen without disturbing its form-fitting plastic insert.

Best used when audio discretion is not a concern, the vibrations felt in the handle of this whirring toy indicate that the box hype’s promise of a “powerful” item is likely true. By the time the rotating head is placed against bare flesh, though, there’s not much happening.

The lightest touch is needed to keep the mildly nubby head in motion, as any firm pressure will stop it in its tracks. Liberal use of lube will make this easier, leaving only how exactly to position the handle for best stimulation to be determined.

The Divine “Temptation” feels like a laudable first attempt at a very promising design. Although it may be enough to pleasure a woman who prefers a light touch, more speeds, greater vibration/pulsation options, and a motor that won’t dog when challenged by the presence of labia would vastly improve its ability to stimulate those who prefer more pressure and intensity.

The addition of a silicone head would make the price more comfortable for everyone.

Available in both black with bright pink design and black with soft purple design, two AAA batteries provide this eye-catching toy with power.

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