Toy Review: Crystal High Intensity Bullet 2

Crystal High Intensity Bullet 2
California Exotic Novelties
Price: Approximately $20

Whether a woman (or a man) is a sex toy collector or has a select few items, a bullet-style vibrator is likely to be included. Although bullet vibes are stunning in their simplicity, they are equally stunning in their effectiveness.

They’re small, discreet, inexpensive, easy to use, gender-neutral — and they work.

California Exotics’ Crystal High Intensity Bullet 2 doesn’t set the bullet-vibe world on its head with innovation, but it’s lovely to look at and toe-curling in its ability to provide pleasure.

Available in metallic pink, purple, silver, and blue plating over ABS and powered by a single AAA battery, the 3.5” long bullet is further ornamented by a ring of clear crystals near the battery case line. It really is a thing of simple but elegant beauty.

A single touch of the luminous light on/off button inspires some surprisingly quiet and powerful vibrations. For those with a marathon approach to toy use, it’s important to know that there are about 8 hours worth of buzz when this baby is employed at low speed and about half of that when it’s turned to 11. Since it’s waterproof, you can relocate your lovemaking sessions to anywhere the law allows.

After my previous favorite toy suffered a tragic death inside the body of a loved one, I’ve wondered who among my battery-operated friends will keep me company at night. Until further notice, the name of that friend is Crystal High Intensity Bullet 2, Pink.

-– Exclusive review for Cal Exotics, by Darklady -–

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