Toy Review: Couture Collection transcend Flexing Massager

Couture Collection transcend Flexing Massager
California Exotic Novelties
Price: Approximately $45
Darklady Favorite!

My first experience with the California Exotic Couture Collection transcend Flexing Massager was like a Dickensian novel; it was the best of times and it was the worst of times.

To be honest, I only have one complaint about the transcend – but it’s a major issue for me. I, however, am merely one person and my sexual responses and preferences are no one else’s, so if it isn’t an issue for you, this may be one of the best wand massager investments of the year or longer.

The transcend is another fabulously portable and plausibly deniable massager, so it’s perfect for home, office, and travel use. Although it can make audible noise as its vibrations become more intense, it is not the distracting and hard-to-explain battery rattle that traditional vibes can make. It’s more the steady and audible hum of a wand massager which, we must all remember, started out as a perfectly respectable muscle massager before women realized how good it is at relieving uniquely female tension.

Promotional literature emphatically assures that the transcend possesses “unrelenting power,” complete with an exclamation point. It does not lie.

And therein lies my previously mentioned issue.

I like unrelenting power in a wand-style massager and the transcend has the kind of unrelenting power that I like. Unfortunately, (for me), its “10 intense functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation” and five speeds do not appear to include a steady vibration. You know, one that doesn’t go up and down the scale, making me think the batteries are dying.

What there is, I discovered, are two settings that hold a steady vibration for an extended period of time and, just as I begin to climax, begin to de-escalate.

Which is not what I want it to do when I begin to climax.

I can, however, see how that setting could be very exciting, whether one is playing a vanilla or kinky sex game. It just didn’t work for me, in large part because I didn’t know it was the closest I could get to a constant vibration.

Available in pink or purple and powered by four AA batteries, the controls for the transcend are four luminous pressure spots located on the bottom of the easy-to-grip handle. I found this convenient but confusing, because if the toy rotates during play it becomes difficult to find a desired sensation. Some kind of touchable landmark would help users know which button they are pushing.

The head and neck of this 7.25-inch x 2” waterproof massager are made from premium silicone and are phthalates free.

Although I obviously have issues with the apparent lack of a non-escalating setting (or how difficult to find it, if it exists) I highly recommend this massager to those who like powerful vibrations in a portable, battery-powered device.

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