Toy Review: 10-Function Pure Skin Stud

10-Function Pure Skin Stud
California Exotic
Price: Approximately $40 – $45

Vibrators are being formed into so many creatively non-phallic shapes and colors that seeing one that looks like an actual penis is something of a surprise. The 10-Function Pure Skin Stud from California Exotic manages to look enough like the real thing for role play purposes but not so much so that it should rattle those who tend to shy away from them.

A defining word for the 10-Function Pure Skin Stud is “smooth.” The firm and sleek Pure Skin surface invites touch and investigation, although the silhouette is largely featureless. Unlike some lingam-sculpted toys, there are no hit-or-miss veins or contours, other than the circumcised head on one end and two petite, tight balls where the controller meets the controlled. Everything else is 6.75 x 2.25-inches of grabbable, squeezable, actually-feels-kinda-like-the-real-thing vibrational smoothness.

Another important difference from the more traditional “jelly” -style schlong is that there is little chance of sensitive tissues being irritated by toxic off-gassing. There is a light scent associated with the toy, but it is not unpleasant; kind of a delicate mixture of talcum powder and rubber. Because this delightful combination is also porous, it’s wise to use a condom with it when sharing.

One of the fabulous things about TPR is that is has a genuinely flesh-like texture. Since the 10-Function Pure Skin Stud has its motor in the head and a plastic spine in the base of the shaft – gripping the toy and giving it a light squeeze results in an almost startlingly realistic response from the Stud, as it shifts to accommodate the pressure… just like the real thing.

Unlike the real thing, the 10-Function Pure Skin Stud has an assortment of vibration patterns and intensities that are controlled with a simple touch of a button located in the small controller emerging like a thumb from the base. One button serves exclusively as an on/off toggle, while the other switches between 10 stimulation modes.

Because the motor is in the tip, which is also where the only texturing is located, the Stud has extra potential as a G-spot and prostate stimulator. More importantly for those who have a favorite vibration pattern, the controller has a memory chip installed that remembers where you left off last.

Something else nice about TPR is that it’s easy to clean. Some mild soap, some water, then towel it off or let it air dry. That means, of course, that the Stud is waterproof. Two AA batteries power the 10-Function Pure Skin Stud, which can be enjoyed in either Ivory or Brown.

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