Toy Review: Rhythm “O” Bounding Bunny

Rhythm “O” Bounding Bunny
California Exotic Novelties
Price: Approximately $130
Available now at

“Bunny” vibes took the genitals of America by storm several years ago and show no indication of retreating – and for good reason; the darn things work!

Given American ingenuity, the incentives of Capitalism (and inexpensive Chinese labor) adjustments, improvements, and modifications have naturally become de rigor in the sex toy world. Somehow bunny-type vibes tend to be variations on a theme: dolphins or butterflies instead of bunnies, multiple clitoral attachments instead of one, shaft beads that rotate or swirl, lights that flash and twinkle where no one can see them, etc.

California Exotics has mixed it up a little bit by introducing beads that don’t go round-and-round. Instead, they move in a “wave”-like manner along the length of the shaft. These are not only pretty cool to watch but do some interesting things once inserted into the rabbit hole… so to speak.

Unlike the round-and-round style of beading, this “wave” placement allows for greater ease-of-use during vaginal contraction, which often inhibits the rotation of the former style of beading. Three speeds of shaft bead rotation keep things lively.

Using the Rhythm motor, the 5-¾” insertable portion of this toy isn’t just about length and 90 pink beads; it’s also about seven different types of bunny vibration, pulsation, and escalation. I’m not good with math, but the box insists that means there are more than 21 different shaft/clitoral excitement settings. Touch the “Hot” button for random function selection, in and out of the water.

Other than the beading, the most immediately notable aspect of this pretty-in-pink vibe is its girth, which is an impressive 5-¼”. The whole thing gets its power from four AAA batteries and is . Alas, in my opinion, the function keypad on the battery pack requires far too much attention for solo use, meaning that at least for those of us who are butter or ham fingered, partner play will likely produce the best results.

Please note that the price I list above is the manufacture’s recommended price. Most online sources carry the Rhythm “O” Bounding Bunny for about half that price.

-– Exclusive review for, by Darklady -–

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