Toy Review: Pure Silicone B.O.B.

Pure Silicone B.O.B.
California Exotic Novelties
Price: Approximately $35
Available now at

In a world of anonymous sexual encounters with a wide assortment of buzzing pleasure products with euphemistic names, the Pure Silicone B.O.B is delightfully personal. After all, it’s got an easy-to-remember name you can scream out at awkward moments.

“Bob! Bob! Bob!”

Naturally, “Bob” isn’t really this toy’s name, because that would be just weird. B.O.B. stands for “Battery Operated Buddy.”

Awwww… isn’t that sweet?

Bob is not for size queens. Bob feels no need to compensate and is comfortable being an easy-to-accommodate 6.5” long and 1.75” around. Bob is thoughtfully unscented, made of pure silicone, and his buttons are easy to find and push – without messy emotional outbursts once he’s been set aside.

Bob defies gender stereotypes that might be drawn from his name by being not only impressively flexible, but also possessing an amazing memory. With 10 vibration, pulsation, and escalation options available, Bob’s state-of-the-art (whatever that’s supposed to mean) memory chip remembers what you were doing the last time you were gettin’ busy together.

Further evidence of Bob’s metrosexuality is his availability in both pink and purple. Two AA batteries power a bullet vibe in the tip of Bob’s strangely ridged faux-cock and its equally bizarre-looking “tantalizing pleasure ticklers,” which strongly resemble pubic hair made of sea anemone nubs. It’s a lovely bit of fun and one of my favorite controller button designs.

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