Toy Review: Petite Couture ecstasy

Petite Couture ecstasy
California Exotic Novelties
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When I finally locate the time and peace of mind to kick back and masturbate, the last thing I want to do is figure out a complex fingering technique for activating a vibrator.

Talk about a buzz kill.

One of the many joys to be found in the Petite Couture ecstasy vibe is its stunningly simple and easy-to-use controller. One button turns the fun off and on, another button toggles seven vibration, pulsation, and escalation styles, and a third activates three speeds of shaft rotation.

Adding to the controller convenience is the fact that all three buttons on this luxury item are not only promptly responsive when pressed, but are also back-lit, making it easy for intimates – as well as oneself – to quickly find just the right spot during those moments when minds and fingers wander.

Attractively available in pink, purple, and white, this stylish, lightly textured medical-grade silicone toy provides impressive simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation – both in and out of water. Three AAA batteries keep the love alive and the fact it doesn’t have that “new sex toy smell” means delicate tissues are protected, as well as pleasured.

California Exotic continues to impress with the masseur, the most recent addition to the company’s stylish, sophisticated, and effective Petite Couture line.

Available in both high-femme pink and goth-friendly black, this ergonomically shaped massager fits comfortably between the palm of the hand and the cleft in a woman’s pubic mound. The index finger is positioned so that it naturally caresses the smooth surface of the simple off/on and multi-function toggle buttons – making this portable pleasure device amazingly easy to use.

Seven varieties of vibration, pulsation, and escalation can be toggled with a mere press of the finger, and the resulting hum will not distract from the main event. In fact, it’s rather soothing, even a bit exciting as the intensity increases.

If the room is dark and there’s any question about which of the two buttons is which, a soft glow illuminates them, making identification beyond easy.

Attractively packaged in a potentially re-usable paper box, the masseur is safe for use in water and made of ABS with silver plating and premium Japanese medical grade silicone. What this means is no “new car” smell and no discomfort when the masseur comes into intimate contact with delicate tissues.

Two AAA batteries are kept quiet and secure thanks to a rubber seal – and although the masseur is primarily associated with clitoral stimulator, it has a multitude of possible uses on bodies of all kinds.

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