Toy Review: Fetish Fantasy Series Velvet Lover’s Paddle

Fetish Fantasy Series Velvet Lover’s Paddle

As so many of us know, love hurts. Sometimes a little; sometimes a lot. Therefore, it’s only appropriate that this sentimental implement of discipline be not only lightly flocked in romance red – but decorated with a heart that can truly leave its mark.

But only if you practice tough love with it, of course.

This “slapper” style paddle is constructed of light suede and makes a lovely snap when it strikes… whatever flattish surface it strikes. A soft to moderate stroke will liven the nerve endings and excite the capillaries without frightening the receiver away from the experience, while a strong and solid stroke will definitely capture attention and potentially leave a heart-shaped welt or bruise to admire later.

An easily manageable 7-inch by 3-inch striking surface and 5-inch grip means that over the knee and other easy-access, close-proximity positions will benefit most from the paddle’s message of stern and decisive love.

Whether it’s just a little slap-and-tickle or a vigorous ass-beating, the Velvet Lover’s Paddle is worth having in one’s kinky toy chest.

– Exclusive review for, by Darklady –

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