Toy Review: Fetish Fantasy Series Perfect Position Handles

Fetish Fantasy Series Lover’s Bondage Kit
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Let’s face it, most of us have either had sex in a shower, tried to have sex in a shower, or thought about having sex in a shower. It is for this demographic (aka “pretty much everybody”) that these positioning handles are designed.

Hopefully, it’s not a shock to anyone that sex in a shower can be challenging once the warm water and hot blood get moving. Unless you’re fucking in an ADA compliant space, chances are good there will be at least a few unintended slips and slides during position changes and particularly active moments.

Even the most sure-footed sexual mountain shower goats among us occasionally find that petty nuisances like gravity, velocity, trajectory, leverage, height/weight differences, arm strength, and the like can make acting out the full Kama Sutra complex.

Fortunately, these two delightfully packaged and presented Perfect Position Handles are here to save the lay.

Light-weight and perfect for both in-home and travel use, these impressively powerful suction attachment handles will stick to nearly any flat surface, which is good news for everyone – including those of us with appropriate bath tubs and floors, but not walls or glass doors.

Included with the Perfect Position Handles is a tube of silicone “shower gel,” which is translated as “personal lubricant” on the other side of the tube. While silicone lube is wonderful in water, remember that using it with silicone toys is on the Don’t Do This At Home or Anywhere Else list. Unless you’re into expensive toys melting in the shower, of course, in which case, carry on.

If you melt your toys by accident, there’s always the free satin “love mask” to help you eroticize the experience.

– Exclusive review for, by Darklady–

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