Video Review: “Scary Hairy 2”

Scary Hairy 2
Amateur Teen Kingdom/Kick Ass Pictures
D: Uncredited
Flower, Ella, Chloe, Lenka, Debora, Ruca, Emily, Daijah, Azelea, Diane, Maureen, Sian, Kathy, Others. 169 Min.
Extras: Fetish Menus, Trailers.

There’s something a little “off” about a series dedicated to the love of hirsute women that refers to body hair as “scary.”

Although this release packs a baker’s dozen worth of comely females whose bodies know little or nothing about safety razors, its camera and sound professionals appear to know about as much about how to use their equipment, cuz the camera focuses (poorly) on some odd things at times,
rapid movement (like, during sex, for instance) causes blurs and the dialogue is often faint or muddy.

That’s a bummer, because some of these girls aren’t just hairy, they’re sexy as hell and able to articulate what it is that they like about their unshorn sexuality. Some fuck with the help of a male companion, some use toys, some use only their fingers and some just let viewers look.

— Originally published in AVN magazine —

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