Video Review: “100% Organic She-Males 5”

100% Organic She-Males 5
Kick Ass Pictures
D: Manuel Suave
Beatriz Close, Reanna Michely, Bianca, Dany Mestica, Paola Felix, Matheus Axel, Rick Montilla, Rafinha Angel, Yuri Bryan. 99 Min.
AAA 1/2
Extras: Fetish Menus, Outtakes, Trailers.

There’s a lot to be said in praise of the natural breast even — or perhaps especially — when it’s sported by a cute she-male.

Bianca is a cute little blonde with tragically dark roots, a floral bikini and flirty smiles. Alas, her tryst with Matheus Axel isn’t as enjoyable as it could be because the camera is all over the place, which proves distracting.

Cover cutie Beatriz Close is a girlish looking 22-year-old who performs an engaging little dance along a pool deck before entertaining Rick Montilla by plunging her she-cock into his ass and then allowing him to return the favor. Reanna Michely’s greeting is subtitles, so we know she’s only 19-years-old. She looks hot with her panties between her teeth. Dany Mestica has a sweet sassiness and a deliciously nasty set of full lips. She also has a drag queen’s love of eyeliner. Paola Felix is
a little rough looking, but her obvious awkwardness gives her a soft accessibility and she looks delightful bent over with her hair in her face.

Another enjoyable collection of all-natural she-male cuties and the men who love to fuck them.

— Originally published in AVN magazine —

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