Video Review: “Twinks Love Twannies”

Twinks Love Twannies
VCA Pictures
D: Axel Braun
Michele Ferrari, Gislaine Rodrigues, Renata Araujo, Hilda Brasil, Natasha Rusky, Rick Soares, Carlos Eduardo, Bryan Jaguar, Bruno Salles, Allan Schivinato. 101 Min.
AAA 1/2
Extras: Fetish Menus, Still Gallery, Trailers.

Who doesn’t love a witty title with a speech impediment? While some may argue its erotic quality, there’s no question that it’s memorable.

The various twanny ladies on the disc are also pretty memorable, with each serving up a thoroughly enjoyable scene and some doing a bit more than that.

It’s not the last time viewers will see the same set of white deck furniture, but when cover cutie Natasha Rusky and Allan Schivinato use it for its unofficial fornicational purposes, it sees plenty of friendly cock sucking.

Bryan Jaguar is a pretty smooth operator for someone who looks so young and lets his mouth linger over any number of Michele Ferrari’s fun bits. Carlos Eduardo and Hilda Brasil revisit the deck furniture, initially holding hands while masturbating, which is surprisingly sweet.

Renata Araujo’s plastic bangles jangle before her bikini comes off but quiet down once she’s pumping away at Rick Soares’ ass. Gislaine Rodrigues and wispy Bruno Salles bring things to a conclusion with a cum shot that travels up the length of his torso.

A solid still gallery with a decent rock guitar soundtrack adds value.

These twinks certainly do seem enamored of their “twanny” dates, which makes for some appealing chemistry.

— Originally published in AVN magazine —

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