Video Review: “Tricked Out Trannys”

Tricked Out Trannys
Macho Man Video/Legend Video
D. & Cast: Uncredited. 122 Min.
Extras: None.

First off, the box back lies! There are no photo galleries, behind the scenes segments or sub chapters. Who can porn consumers trust if not the box backs of their favorite titles?

Fortunately, the video itself does feature some fairly “tricked out trannys,” which is a very good thing – if not necessarily the most creatively captured thing.

The first scene, between a fascinating looking tranny and a pretty bio girl also lacks passion or connection, although things perk up during a burst of doggie style. Later, another genetic chica uses a glass toy on herself until a tranny in some super sexy boots shows up to distract her.

A pretty blonde entertains a hot guy’s cock, first in the fire exit and then in one of their apartments. Titty sucking leads to more when a pale t-girl in a black dress can’t keep her store bought sweater puppies covered. A hot chick with torn stockings takes a front and back banging to bring things to an end.

— Originally published in AVN magazine —

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