Toy Review: Twist ‘n’ Shake Paul and Paulina

Twist ‘n’ Shake Paul & Paulina
Fun Factory
Available now at

Anyone who’s seen a Fun Factory toy knows that they embody a delightful mix of form and function. The Twist ‘n’ Shake Paul & Paulina is no different, what with its vaginal and clitoral stimulators resembling two smiling caterpillars emerging from a piece of fruit.

While some may not groove on the idea of allowing even a 100% silicone caterpillar such close proximity to their genitals, others will likely enjoy the whimsical nature of the toy’s appearance.

The insertable portion of this particular Twist ‘n’ Shake item measures about 7.5-inches in length and ranges from about 1.25-inches to 1.75-inches in girth. Available in Frosted Blue, Candy Rose, or Green, it’s a cheerful addition to any toy box and gives every sign of being built to last.

Although the Paul & Paulina may be noisier than some prefer, its control unit is surprisingly easy to use, which is a welcome change from all too many toys of similar design. A power button turns both the Twist and the Shake off or on and control wheels for each action allow the user or a close personal friend to adjust the intensity.

Lest anyone wonder, the Twist rotates the insertable caterpillar (aka “Paul”) while the Shake primarily vibrates the clitoral caterpillar (aka “Paulina”). Four AA batteries keep the good times twisting and shaking and beads located inside of Paul provide additional internal pressure for G-spot stimulation.

Depending on how the woman in question’s body is configured, Paul may need to be inserted past the G-spot in order to make optimal clitoral contact with Paulina.

— Exclusive review for, by Darklady–

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