Toy Review: Trojan Her Pleasure Vibrating Touch Fingertip Massager

Trojan Her Pleasure Vibrating Touch Fingertip Massager
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Once upon a time, Trojan just made condoms. Once upon a time, it was astonishingly taboo to acknowledge the existence of condoms. Once upon a time, no respectable woman would own a vibrator, let alone boast of the fact.

Well, times have changed, cuz the venerable condom maker is now also in the vibrator business – and has television commercials not only for its many splendored French letters but also a line of mini vibrators.

Perhaps you’ve seen the commercial for the Her Pleasure Vibrating Touch Fingertip Massager. I know I was a little surprised to see it, although it’s about as wholesome as a vibrator commercial can be. In addition to gently breaking the “respectable women don’t talk about vibrators” boundary, it also pushes the ageism boundary by acknowledging that women of all ages enjoy a bit of self-stimulation now and again.

The fingertip vibrator is nearly as discreet as its commercials, packaged in a tasteful purple and white box reminiscent of its condom roots and shipped with a Trojan condom and a black velvet draw string travel bag. It’s kept sanitary prior to initial use inside of a plastic rip-top pouch that assures us that it “is not a toy.”

Maybe not for kids, but for adults? Oh, yeah.

Held snug within a washable soft casing that slips over the finger, the Her Pleasure is a purple mini-bullet with a surprising amount of firm vibration and a very low sound profile. Whether used alone or during partnered activity in a bedroom, a cubical, or a public restroom, whatever noises may alert others to the pleasure it affords won’t be coming from the massager.

Those who want stronger stimulation can remove the casing and apply the mini bullet directly to the area most needing attention.

This reusable vibe comes with two button cell batteries that are reputed to last an impressive half hour, making it more reliable than many dates.

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