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Lelo Nea
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When Elton John proclaimed that “butterflies are free to fly,” he wasn’t talking about the Doc Johnson Love Bug Tickler – but he could have been, if he’d had a time machine, an interest in women’s vibrators, and had known this one was going to be produced decades later.

Regardless of what Captain Fantastic has to say on the subject of butterflies or vibrators, the Doc Johnson Love Bug Ticklers are an unusually energetic breed, comprised as they are of two-inch vibrating bullets inside of a removable, phthalate-free covering shaped like either a butterfly or a ladybug.

Available in pink or blue, the butterfly vibe has little nubs along its body, presumably for additional clitoral stimulation. It also has a set of tiny antenna and soft but sturdy wings to distribution sensation along the labia and clitoral hood. Remove the non-toxic skin and more powerful vibration can be directly applied to whatever body part needs attention.

Those more drawn to the ladybug will find it shaped differently from its insect friend, with its wings closed, forming an oval with teeny, horn-like antenna. It is available in both the commonly associated red/black color combo, as well as pink/white.

“Designed by women for women,” these charming clitoral massagers come with N batteries included, so there’s no need to go bug hunting for a power source before flying high during solo or partnered erotic adventures.

— Exclusive review for, by Darklady–

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