Print Review: “Tantric Sex for Women: A Guide for Lesbian, Bi, Hetero and Solo Lovers”

Tantric Sex for Women: A Guide for Lesbian, Bi, Hetero and Solo Lovers
By Christa Schulte
273 pages, soft bound

Whenever Americans “discover” something – especially something ancient – there is invariably a mad and obsessive scramble to make it uniquely and marketably their own. Once the various sex positive communities found out about tantric sex there was an avalanche of instructional workshops, presentations, demos, videos, articles, and books, nearly all invariably claiming to be the be-all and end-all of tantric knowledge and wisdom. Not unsurprisingly, this has made it very difficult for men and women interested in this suddenly hip subject to know where to start their educational journey. Given the market appeal that exists for those hoping to help men seeking orgasm control as a way to enhance their staying power, it has sometimes been even more difficult for women to find useful and accessible information specifically designed for their needs and desires. No longer.

Christa Schulte’s newest book, Tantric Sex for Women, has done an amazing job of not only addressing the unique concerns of women but doing so in a way that is useful to all kinds of biological women, regardless of whether they partner with men, other women, both men and women, or themselves.

While some books on the subject become lost in arcane philosophy or insufferable pretense, Schulte remains accessible and sensible, early on encouraging her readers to browse her book casually, “yummy drink” in hand and filled with both a “childlike curiosity” and “adolescent joy” for experimenting with and learning about their bodies, their desires, and the deliciousness that can result when the two are combined.

Schulte provides useful information and easy-to-understand exercises focusing on a wide variety of subjects including but not limited to anatomy, spirituality, emotional healing, body image, love, meditation, expanding personal limits, and achieving a state of ecstasy. Although illustrations and photographs are sparse, they are also both informative and, in the case of the photographs, quite tastefully erotic.

This essential women’s tantra book concludes with an abundant list of resources and two appendixes, one focusing on “Lesbian Love as a Form of Self-Love” and the other delving into “Sexual Healing as a Healing Force.”

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