Video Review: “Taboo Trannys 2”

Taboo Trannys 2
Silver Sinema/Pure Play Media
D: Uncredited
Karina, Justine, Victoria Vasquez, Chechu, Carla Thompson, Venus, Rick, Rocco, Ariel, Kevin, Milton. 91 Min.
Extras: Bonus Scene, Cumshot Recap, Still Gallery, Trailers.

Each of these five (plus a bonus) trannies are all good looking in the extreme -– but there’s something decidedly “off” about some of them, which proves periodically distracting.

Karina’s hot enough in a honking South American way, but she never looks at Ariel no matter how much she talks to him. Justine has wonderfully loose body language and loves to look at the camera. Chechu has a catchy name, fascinatingly plump lips and long legs. Her still gender blended appearance is at its best when she’s sucking cock.

Fine-boned Victoria Vasquez doesn’t keep her denim cut-offs on for very long and her feminine moans must compete with a persistent hum on the audio. Carla Thompson is a thicker Latina lovely, but is plenty passable and easy on the eyes. Alas, she’s all about playing to the camera, which makes her smoldering feel calculated. Cum pools in her navel beautifully, however.

Highly attractive trannies shot a softer, less explicit camera.

— Originally published in AVN magazine —

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