Video Review: “T-Girl Adventures 3”

T-Girl Adventures 3
Hundies/Pure Play Media
D: Uncredited
Monique, Sandy Lopez, Alessandra, Barbie, Anita, Others. 116 Min.
Extras: Still Gallery.

Honestly, somebody needs to muzzle whoever the chatterbox behind the camera is, because his endlessly pie-eyed frat boy blather is a serious erotic buzzkill. His persistently narrated psychopathic mood swings start with gushing praise of whichever “cutie” has been brought before him or found working the streets of Brazil and work themselves into a frenzy of demands that she fuck and suck his friend because she is a “slut” and a “whore.”

Not sexy, not socially sensitive – but fascinating from a psychological profile angle, which is not the demographic pornography typically caters to willingly.

When whoever he is isn’t intruding on the scene, things are pretty hot. The lucky stud who beds these beauties clearly loves his job and each of the girls shows herself to have an impressively professional attitude.

The quality of the girls, especially Anita, boosts this volume’s rating.

Gorgeous switch hitting t-girls soldier on bravely even while the director suffers the throes of adolescent melt-down.

— Originally published in AVN magazine —

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