Video Review: “SwitchCraft”

Catalina/Channel One Releasing
D: Josh Eliot
Tina Tyler, Cassandra Knight, Sharon Kane, Scott Davis, Ricky Starr, Marcus Caine, Anthony Stone, Rick Matthews, Drew Andrews, Andrew Lennox. Chi Chi LaRue (Non-Sex Role). 80 Min.
Extras: Cumshot Recap.

Chi Chi LaRue may never have been funnier -– or sexier -– than in this side-splitting, dick hardening and pussy moistening story of a homely young girl’s coming of age and reaping of revenge.

LaRue plays an abused daughter who gains magical powers and uses them to punish those who have been unspeakably mean to her. Step-father Marcus Caine unwittingly pops her cherry while she looks like Cassandra Knight, snotty teacher Tina Tyler becomes a real cut-up, tormenting wrestlers Andrew Lennox and Rick Mathews face a gas attack, sadistic detention instructor Sharon Kane is painfully taught humility -– and compassionate coach Ricky Starr becomes enamored.

There’s not a lot of bisexual sex, but what there is sizzles -– as does all of the sex. The campy dialogue may not be for everybody, but those who like a solid story with their sex will be delighted.

A hilarious and deeply sexy bisexual classic with star appeal.

Pre-nom Best Bisexual Film

— Originally published in GayVN magazine —

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