Video Review: “She-Male Strokers 31”

She-Male Strokers 31
Mancini Productions/Exquisite
D: Sammy Mancini
Leather Thorns, KayLin, Meelynah Weelyans, Sherry, La Cherry Spice, Jezebel, Mandy Mitchell. 168 Min.
Extras: Still Gallery.

Sammy Mancini has the magic touch when it comes to finding quality, real world she-males capable of not only stroking themselves to a hand-moistening degree but also tell a captivating personal story.

Jezebel is a cutie who moans like a porn start and bears more than a passing resemblance to Bristol Palin. She shows off not only her girl-cock but also a few of her fascinatingly kinky sex furnishings. Leather Thorns is an impressive opposite in some ways. Laughing every time she dominantly tells viewers to drink milk from her all-natural mini-boobs, she’s got a frowzy femininity about her that sizzles.

Mandy Mitchell looks and sounds totally chick-like while she shares a dirty story on the telephone, but what she has between her legs is more than a woman. Sherry tells a tale of dinner and bathroom stall sex, while La Cherry Spice indulges in some phone sex and cuming in a kitchen ladle when she can’t line up a date.

Meelynah Weelyans is exotically sexy and doesn’t have anything to say, whereas somewhat rode hard KayLin totally rocks as she tells a string of fascinating stories about her “candy” and how happy she is to be the woman she is today.

Sexy and introspective interview and wank sessions featuring real world she-males.

— Originally published in AVN magazine —

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