Print Review: “Polaroids – Carlo Mollino”

Polaroids - Carlo Mollino

Polaroids – Carlo Mollino
Arena Editions
187 pages, hard bound

Carlo Mollino (1905–1973) was the kind of man who created art wherever he turned his attention: buildings, automobiles, fashion, furniture, and photography.

Polaroids contains mere hundreds of the approximately 2000 Polariod cards that were found in everyday white letter envelopes after Mollino’s death and – because his executors saw no value in them — stored unsorted. The images strongly evoke the era during which they were shot, each model becoming progressively more nude in a style belonging quintessentially to the 1960s and early ‘70s.

Shot indoor against a variety of interesting backgrounds, with evocative lighting choices and microscopic paintbrush alteration, there’s a seedy, gritty, and profoundly moving and hyper-realistic eroticism to them that would be impossible to capture on more glamorous film.

This first-ever collection of rarely viewed photos also includes a compelling biography.

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