Video Review: “Petite Amateurs 4”

Petite Amateurs 4
Amateur Teen Kingdom/Kick Ass Pictures
D: Uncredited
Madison, Lacy, Beaue, Destiny, Irina, Nicole, Julia, Dakota, Jennifer, Missy, Sandy, Niki. 176 Min.
AAA 1/2
Extras: Fetish Menus, Trailers.

Some of these 12 petite gigglers may have a difficult time explaining what they like about sex or why, but there’s not a one of them that is too shy for the camera.

Nicole says she’s not that into receiving oral sex, but maybe she’s never had it from a pro before, because she seems happy enough even when she’s not on her knees sucking cock. Sandy seems a more sensible giggler and sweetly undresses to serve up a believable pocket rocket orgasm.

Julia is paired with an obviously older man who compliments and encourages her before leaving her with a creamy facial, while stylish Destiny poses and shows off her fine ass in a brief solo scene.

Dakota can go the distance when she swallows dick, Jennifer is a sexy tease artist, Niki is gently dominant, and Beaue polishes her pearl in a rocky waterscape.

Madison’s boyfriend fucks her in the shower but keeps the shower massager where it can do its work. Irina prefers to do herself in the kitchen, Lacy gets it on with a gold mini vibe and Missy manages to look both classy and trashy at the same time.

Well-shot sex featuring petite and giggling amateurs alone or with male partners.

— Originally published in AVN magazine —

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