Print Review: “Peek – Photographs from the Kinsey Institute”

Peek – Photographs from the Kinsey Institute
Arena Editions
287 pages, hard bound

Everyone’s heard of “The Kinsey Reports” even if they don’t realize they consist of Dr. Alfred Kinsey’s pioneering sexual behavior studies “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male” and “Sexual Behavior in the Human Female.”

Upon being told that everybody else was doing the same kind of weird stuff that they were, Americans were stunned.

But Kinsey did more than compile people’s stories via interviews. In the late 1930s he began collecting more than 75,000 photographs from a wide variety of sources, including European and Asian erotica, anonymous snapshots, photo albums, and diaries illustrated with photographs.

The 125 images featured here are available after 50 years in storage and a public controversy over what distinguishes science from pornography. Some are tame, even artistic or quaint, and some are unquestionably hardcore.

Accompanying text places the photos in historic context, explaining their role within the Institute and how erotica fits within society at large.

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