Video Review: “Out of Control”

Out of Control
Cine X Latino
D: Jean Luc Godet
Jessi, Ihara, Kathy, Melina, Debora Prat, Rodrigo Baez, Axel Machine, Fernando Lorenzo, Alexander Sebastian Kant, Nico. 85 Min.
Extras: Bonus Footage, Subtitles.

These transsexual hotties may not be ready to fool a gynecologist, but they’re passable enough to walk the streets and tempt the straight guys. In this case, there’s no question that the release is aimed at a multi-ethnic audience since menu options are in Spanish, with options for subtitles in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Director Jean Luc Godet chats with Jessi until she becomes distracted by her genitals and their interest in masculine Rodrigo Baez and XX-chromosome-bearing Debora Prat. Prat, for her part, seems mesmerized by the camera.

Melina and Nico are already snuggling when Godet introduces them, and they do more than that once he’s gone. Although an odd big of tape or something clings to her asshole at one point, the lovers keep an impressive sense of genuine passion running between them.

Pretty blonde Ihara looks and sounds feminine, much to the delight of her actively bisexual companions, Axel Machine and Alexander Sebastian Kant.

A high-pitched whine ruins Godet’s talk with Kathy and her glossy eyeshadow and long fake eyelashes are surprisingly – errr – eye-catching.

Latin charmers with a little something extra in their bragas.

— Originally published in AVN magazine —

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