Video Review: “Mistreated Bride 4”

Mistreated Bride 4
D. & Cast: Uncredited. 27 Min.
AAA 1/2
Extras: Subtitles.

Just when you think the series can’t get much weirder, little brother Kaoru turns out to be a girl -– and sleeps with older half-brother Kouji. Traditional family values, indeed.

“The Final Chapter” ties up loose ends and drops hints about spin-off possibilities, bringing the DVD transfer of the series to a conclusion with the best cover art of the four discs.

Mitsuko looks much happier on the cover than she does during The Final Chapter, but she looks molten hot in every frame. Her father-in-law literally bursts into well-deserved and screaming flames in front of his unsympathetic son. Alas, this only happens after the elder Takayanagi indulges in some serious candle wax and bondage depravity with Sumie, as well as some less than gentle exploration of the newly discovered Kaoru.

There’s plenty of sex, violence, and bridal gowns for those who enjoy the uniquely Japanese blending of the three — and there’s even a ghoulish piss drinking scene for those with a further penchant for the bizarre.

A must-see for those following the series or looking for a classic genre example.

— Originally published in AVN magazine —

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