Video Review: “House of She-Males 11, The”

The House of She-Males 11
Nacho Vidal Productions/Evil Angel
D: Nacho Vidal
Carol Verdaminy, Mariana Phoenix, Raquel Rodriguez, Kauana, Walleska, Raissa Sampaio, Tatiana Torres, Natally, Renata Sales, Isabella. 120 Min.
AAA 1/2
Extras: Cumshot Recap, Still Gallery, Trailers.

Director Nacho Vidal has an eye for attractive she-males and appealing bedroom and patio settings for them to relax and jerk off within.

Carol Verdaminy is decked out in a bikini and chunky bracelets, perfect temporary attire for humping the corner of the bed. Mariana Phoenix has a fancy bra and panties to cover her big boobs and growing erection. Raquel Rodriguez prefers pierced nipples and a daring animal print outfit that lets her undo one hip tie and introduce a curved she-cock.

Dark-skinned Kauana puts the finishing touches on her make-up but doesn’t realize zebra print panties do not go with a tuxedo teddy. When she crawls across the bed looking ferocious, few will care. Walleska takes viewers onto the patio to ejaculate on some furniture, while Tatiana Torres plants her seed on her own belly.

Raissa Sampaio has awesome boots – and a hot tub room where nobody gets into the hot tub hosts Natally, Renata Sales and Isabella’s journeys into self-pleasure.

— Originally published in AVN magazine —

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