Video Review: “House of Frazier 7”

House of Frazier 7
California Star Productions
D: Uncredited. Christina James, Howard Trevor. 59 Min.
Extras: Still Gallery.

Bob and Feona have a marriage that will likely provide many a Promise Keeper with many a wishful wanking session. The presumably happy couple honor the natural born right of a husband to gag his wife and then tie her up in a variety of creative positions while occasionally sharply chastising her for going shopping without permission.

Is England an amazing country, or what?

Although Bob is frustrated with Feona’s lack of dedication to housework, the quaintly cluttered house is surprisingly spacious, providing enough room for the by-camera-time frowsy housewife in full coverage underpants to be repeatedly shown the error of her ways from a number of angles, none of them overly comfortable.

— Originally published in AVN magazine, by Darklady —

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