Video Review: “Fine Bi Me”

Fine Bi Me
D: Glenn Baren
Melissa, Nicole, Marietta, Ghoos, Lucky, Lui, Mark, Peter, Robby, Roland, Stefan. 81 Min.
AA 1/2
Extras: Cumshot Recap, Fetish Menu, Trailers.

Given how much bisexual porn comes out of Eastern Europe, one might expect the region to have it perfected. Alas, such is not the case – although moments of genuine sexual pleasure and affection often make its imperfections forgivable.

An agreeable, mall-flavored soundtrack accompanies two of three bi pile-ups, with stacking being the name of the game no matter the scenario.

While smooth jazz drops the sexual room temperature, two comely gents and a pleasant blonde test the strength of a classroom’s desks and chairs. Next up, a boy/girl pair flips through the pages of a magazine until their male escort arrives, strips, gets a little head and then – is replaced by a slightly older and more cut one, who completes the scene.

The final scene finds two guys making out on a couch until a young woman joins them for the same thing seen in the two previous scenes: sucking, licking and fucking – including male-male-female anal/genital penetrations. Plenty of close-ups for those who want it up close and personal.

Amateur quality in many ways, but with some of the genre’s enviable sexual authenticity.

— Originally published in GayVN magazine —

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