Video Review: “Double D Trannies 2”

Trans Erotica/Juicy Entertainment
D: Uncredited
Carla Novaes, Isabelly Ferraz, Andella Verdramini, Agatha McCartney, Barbara Smith, Ricco Puentes, Jhonathan Cavan. 143 Min.
AAA 1/2
Extras: Cumshot Recap.

Naughty, naughty Trans Erotica! Only masochists like a cock tease and promising “tons of extras” while only providing cumshot highlights and intro credits that flash by in the blink of an eye means this disc didn’t completely put out.

Fortunately, what does come across is worth the time, effort, and possibly sweat and cum.

Just like in the XX-chromosome world of big boobs, some of these pairs look luscious and some look like they’re made from inserted soup bowls. Barbara Smith’s breasts have nice movement, Isabelly Ferraz’ are nearly immobile perfections, and Andella Vendramini’s are so pliable that they get plenty of fucking.

Carla Novaes is an oral switch and an anal top who looks at the camera frequently but her partner infrequently – and Agatha McCartney starts by sucking on a ship steering wheel and finishes with a cock up her pretty ass.

Attractive and big-boobed trannies for those who love the combination.

— Originally published in AVN magazine —

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