Video Review: “Disciplining the Undisciplined Athlete”

Disciplining the Undisciplined Athlete
Bijou Classics
D: Uncredited
Gino Colbert, Michael Ryan, Domino Deveraux, John Kass, Kevin Gladstone, John Cleaver, Eric Talas, Stavlos Aeokomas, Kermit Dean, Joe Leitel. 70 Min.
Extras: None.

Remember feathered hair, side slit polyester jogging shorts, and rock and roll mullets? Nearly two decades of therapy may have tried to remove the memories, but they’ll come flooding back thanks to these four exceptional spanking scenes from Man’s Hand during 1989.

First up, boxer Gino Colbert has a serious chip-on-his-shoulder and fantasizes about spanking out his frustrations on taunting Michael Ryan’s butt cheeks.

Then, smart mouth Domino Deveraux doles out enough sass to earn an underwear-free spanking – which, like nearly all the discipline on this disc – turns into a switch hit.

A wannabe drop-out in overalls with a dream of working at a record store gets a hand’s on intervention and an Australian surf coach tells of his a life changing discipline session before administering one of his own. Stavlos Aeokomas brings things to a conclusion by taming “young punks” until an “old fart” shows him how it’s done right.

Pre-nom Best Classic Video.

Mano e mano spanking, ala 1989 and well worth revisiting.

— Originally published in GayVN magazine —

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