Video Review: “Bi Sex Nut Busters”

Bi Sex Nut Busters
Macho Man Video
D: Uncredited
Bianca, Emily, Aninha, Bryan, Victor Santos, Marcilo Mortro, Wil, Jax, Douglas. 83 Min.
Extras: None.

Choosing which order sex scenes will appear on a porn release must be something like choosing which order songs will appear on a music CD. In both cases, starting strong and ending more weakly seems like the way to go –- but for some reason the weakest often show up first. Such is the case here.

Doors close, people talk and things move off camera while the three stars of the first scene try to focus on one another’s genitals and other fun bits. They manage to get the job done, but it’s obvious one of the boys is far more interested in his male co-star, because he can’t keep it hard for their shared female to save his life. But he looks deep in bliss once his boyfriend is deep in his ass.

Things improve considerably in scene two, with all three performers seeming very into one another, although the girl doesn’t appear to enjoy cum on her face.

The final scene features two muscular men, a hot female companion and considerable enthusiasm on everyone’s part. Alas, there’s also off camera chatter.

Consistently good-looking Brazilian bisexuals in traditional bi porn threeways.

— Originally published in GayVN magazine —

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