Print Review: “Best Black Women’s Erotica 2”


Best Black Women’s Erotica 2
Edited by Samiya Bashir
216 pages, soft bound

Samiya Bashir picks up where previous editor Blanche Richardson left off in this second collection of exceptional insights into the erotic minds of black women. Sometimes light and sometimes heavy these stories are always compelling and invariably – sometimes surprisingly – arousing.

Several stories remind readers that “black” is a fairly meaningless cultural term, encompassing many ethnic and geographic variations.

Donna Sherard’s heroine is an African-American in Uganda waiting for a separation from her lover to end – and unexpectedly discovering the delight found in the innocent touch of another woman.

Bashir offers her immigrant virgin in New York City undreamed of redemption and sensual hope after suffering a cultural brutality designed to deny her both.

This anthology’s women fuck hungrily in bathroom stalls, taunt and tease until served their own bitter fruits, speak in poetry and in slang, make love, make up, and make us think. Good stuff.

Let’s hope there’s more to make us come in the future. Author and editor bios are included to encourage and assist further exploration.

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