Video Review: “Amazing Transsexual Midget, The”

The Amazing Transsexual Midget
Grooby Productions
D: Uncredited
Ruby Navarro, Others. 99 Min.
AA 1/2
Extras: Trailers.

Ruby Navarro is indeed an amazing transsexual midget. She is not, however, strutting her considerable stuff in front of the most ably handled camera.

This is unfortunate, because Navarro is unique in an assortment of ways beyond even the obvious two. The husky voiced Latina-by-choice is a smoldering bow-legged gender blend with the as yet not fully reached potential to ignite the little screen in unique ways.

Dampening but not extinguishing her ability to raise body temperature is the clackety-clack of persistent off-camera noise, in addition to shots that include far more non-transsexual midget content than necessary. Presumably, Navarro slipped into those sexy panties so she and they could be admired. Get close. Let her fans see the panties, the lingerie, the petite implants – and the sizable girl cock.

— Originally published in AVN magazine —

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