Video Review: “100% Organic She-Males 4”

100% Organic She-Males 4
Kick Ass Pictures
D: Manuel Suave
Barbara Vasconcelos, Sabrina Kamoe, Angel, Laisa Summer, Ciara Stone, Robert Caucho, Roger Moura, Gabriel Samyer, Yago Ribeiro, Arcanjo. 89 Min.
AAA 1/2
Extras:Fetish Menus, Outtakes, Trailers.

Director Manuel Suave hasn’t done anything unique with the genre, but he’s found five she-males well worth spending nearly an hour and a half watching fuck, which is a very good thing.

Tall, sleek Laisa Summer is the least “passable” of the crew, still giving off a sexy drag queen vibe, but has a feminine eroticism about her that has its own power. On the other extreme is Sabrina Kamoe, whose barely budding breasts and sweet smile are part of a winning combination.

Ciara Stone is a gap-toothed sizzler with long wavy brown hair and kissable/fuckable lips, as well as impressive homegrown titties and a cock that Gabriel Samyer discovers is fully functional.

Angel’s delicate bone structure is gorgeous when shot from below while sucking cock with her hair held back – and Barbara Vasconcelos watches with calm interest as handsome Arcanjo kisses up her legs and rubs his cock against her foot.

Formulaic fun with some super cute Latina she-males.

— Originally published in AVN magazine —

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